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Day 1 Of En Coulisse 2013 One For The Books

May 1st, 2013

The first day of Solotech’s En Coulisse trade show is now one for the books – quite literally. As previously mentioned, the 2013 edition was the largest of the event’s 14-year history, and the word is that next year’s will, as it has the last several, expand.

On a very positive note (for this writer, anyhow), about 80 per cent of the copies of Professional Sound and sister publication Professional Lighting & Production we brought with us disappeared today, meaning we’ll probably run out before tomorrow’s show is even an hour old. Plenty of great feedback and suggestions – the former of which is always appreciated and the latter of which is highly valued.


I had the chance to sit in on some of the seminars after my last post, the first being my boss’ “Self Promotion 101” seminar. It was one of the better attended of the day and, unlike most of the programming, which was focused (and appropriately so) on technology, explored the business and marketing side of what this – and every – industry entails.

The second was Alan Hardiman’s “Automated Vocal Localization and Effects Panning” presentation, which discussed the difference between “sound reproduction” and “sound reinforcement.” It was quite interesting and would be of particular interest to those working in theatrical audio.

The show ended all too quickly, as it always seems to, though it was nice to wind down on the rooftop terrace of the convention centre, overlooking the city on what was, to this Maritime-based reporter, the nicest day of 2013 yet.

Cheers until tomorrow…


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