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June 13th, 2013

So a great first day is in the books at InfoComm 2013. The organization’s slogan of “Communicate. Collaborate. Connect.” applies as much to the various technologies and systems on display here as it does the professionals gathered to experience them all.

Welcome to InfoComm 2013

This show has not only been resilient over the years to trends – and attendees – coming and going, but it’s been extremely prosperous, attracting a steadily increasing and widening array of attendees and exhibitors from various fields. There’s a definite increase in pro audio extending beyond the contractor/integrator market; in fact, an exhibitor and fellow connect suggested that InfoComm is becoming “the” pro audio show, and it’s hard to argue with his logic.

TrendHunter.com’s Jeremy Gutsche delivers the opening keynote

Lighting and staging are also joining the fold while more and more technologies from IT, security, and networking sectors seep into what’s traditionally been known as “A/V.” There’s no question the show’s growth is directly connected to the expanding-at-both-ends market it represents.

Planning the route through the hall at the Orlando Convention Centre

Tuesday night’s keynote address from TrendHunter.com founder Jeremy Gutsche (which was absolutely brilliant – entertaining, fully, and packed with wisdom and, most importantly, great ideas) embodied the show’s vibe perfectly. He suggests innovation is really on the product of things coming together that would normally be associated with one another. (He was far more eloquent.) The talk was truly inspiring and you can learn about Jeremy and his ideas at the site above.

It’s been a bit overwhelming navigating the show floor so far, especially with flashing lights and image projections and touchscreen interfaces and music all escaping from every corner of the room.

In the audio world, new and exciting things I came upon were at the Yamaha Commercial Audio display, with the company’s NuAge consoles (again, not traditionally a fit for InfoComm, and yet receiving a lot of attention here); the PreSonus booth, which has now expanded into loudspeakers designed in tandem with David Gunness and Fulcrum Acoustic; Avid, with its new S3L live mixing system; Ashly Audio’s new 12,000-watt amps and very impressive iPad DSP control app; and Meyer Sound’s LEO large-format array and ever impressive Constellation system – the demo for which I’ve actually taken in twice now, and which continues to blow me away.

I’ll be joining the Optocore and Contact Distribution folks backstage at Disney tomorrow for a peak at how fibre is quite literally “running the show,” so expect a report back on that.

There will also be way more details on some of these technologies and more coming up in future issues of Professional Sound, so keep an eye out. I’ll be back with more!

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