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GerrAudio Hosting ‘Demo Days IV’ Next Week

April 22nd, 2014

GerrDemoGerrAudio Distribution will be hosting Demo Days IV from April 29-30 at The Church on the Queensway (Toronto, ON).

Demo Day’s is a “hands-on” way to learn about new professional audio products and core technologies from ClearCom, DiGiCo, DPA, and Outline. Attendees are invited to sign up for training with guests from Denmark, England, Italy, and the U.S.

This year’s show will focus on four areas.

1 – Outline array loudspeaker demonstrations

Firstly, the Queensway Cathedral Sanctuary will be filled with new Outline Speakers. Along with conventional Outline products, operational line arrays will be featured. The new GTO C12 (High Power Touring Line Array), the MANTAS, the uniquely configurable MiniCompass, and economical EIDOS 265 Line Array.

2 – DiGiCo SD-Series advanced training

GerrAudio will be providing (4) three-hour SD-Series Training Sessions on the DiGiCo SD9 hosted by DiGiCo’s own Fernando Delgado.

Attendees can learn more in-depth SD-Series features like Advanced Routing, FX, Dynamics EQ, Macro’s, Snapshots, and Optical Interconnection. Console Specialists will be on-site to assist participants with any questions, before, during, or after the formal training.

3 – ClearCom information sessions

Jay Wallace will be presenting two ClearCom session each day on “Wireless Intercom in the Modern World” and “Demystifying IP Intercom” (both one hour each). Join Jay and a ClearCom Applications Engineer as they unravel these topics with the help of live product demonstrations of EclipseHX (large matrix), Intercom over IP (IVC-32), HelixNet Digital Party-line, CellCom, and Tempest Wireless.

4 – DPA microphone techniques

GerrAudio is offering (4) one-hour DPA Microphone training sessions taught by DPA’s Nils Vinding. GerrAudio are now carrying deep inventory of the complete DPA range and it will all be available for evaluation.

In addition, Colin Bernard with Lectrosonics Canada will be showcasing the DPA microphone capsules with Lectrosonics transmitters.

As well, Luke Smith from WAVES / DiGiGrid USA will be on-site showcasing the DiGiGrid MGB 128-Channel MADI Interface as well as the DLS ProTools interface and server.

These won’t be “all-talk” sessions local music star Joel Schwatz will demonstrate different microphones on a variety of instruments.

Refreshment will be available all throughout the day with light snacks and sandwiches over the lunch hour. Hot Coffee and Tea will be available all day.

For those coming from outside of Toronto and who need transportation, contact GerrAudio and they will try to assist with arrangements.

To register, CLICK HERE

For further information, contact: 

Geoff Maurice, GerrAudio Distribution Inc.

1-613-342-6999 Office

1-613-246-0945 Cell


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