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2nd Annual AES Toronto Members’ Showcase

February 23rd, 2015

AES Toronto will to be featuring, once again, the work of its membership at the Tuesday, February 24, 2015 meeting. There is a varied list of presentations that organizers say will entertain and give greater insight into the work that AES Toronto members do.

The presenters and topics include:

Rich WattieRich Wattie – Eastman School Of Music
Eastman School of Music Percussion Ensemble Recording
Presentation on the recording session, post production and a bit about my work at Eastman.



Ike ZimbelIke Zimbel – Zimbel Audio
Audio Interface devices
Line of audio interface devices made by Ike Zimbel, all analog circuitry, inspired by the late and much missed Neil Muncy.



Matt WestonMatt Weston – Swamp Songs Recording Studio
Journey of a Home Studio Entrepreneur
This presentation will use a recent album project by The Dyadics as a focal point to illustrate the journey of a home studio entrepreneur.



Cameron BrittonCameron Britton, Sound Designer, Ubisoft Toronto – Sound Design of the Video Game: Assassin’s Creed Unity.

This presentation will briefly show the sound design process for video games, from conception to creation to implementation, using the example of one of the character’s weapons: The Phantom Blade.
Anthony KuzubAnthony Kuzub – APK Audio
A new way of moving analog audio.




Kamlesh LalKamlesh Lal
– Founder of Notetracks
Notetracks, an IOS App for audio professionals
Notetracks is designed like a DAW and includes note-taking (instead of production) tracks in the form of text, symbols and free hand sketch drawings.


Robert DiVitoRobert DiVito – Society of Sound
Stewart Goodyear recording of Rachmaninoff Piano Concerti 2&3 with the Czech National Symphony
The presentation will briefly explore the mix process of this studio recording.

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