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Audinate Releases “Implementing Audio-Over-IP from an IT Manager’s Perspective” Whitepaper

October 19th, 2016

audinate-whitepaperAs a follow-up to the webinar held last week with AV Technology and Shure, Audinate has released for download the whitepaper “Implementing Audio-Over-IP from an IT Manager’s Perspective.” Those who missed the webinar can watch a recording of it here.

About the whitepaper

IT managers increasingly expect AV systems to be integrated with enterprise data networks, but they may not be familiar with the specific requirements of audio-over-IP systems and common AV practices. Conversely, AV professionals may not know the concerns of IT managers or know how best to achieve their goals. This whitepaper helps both sides understand each other’s needs.

Topics include:

  • What IT managers need to know about AoIP
  • Audio networking standards–terms, acronymns and descriptions
  • Bandwidth considerations (its less than you think!)
  • Real-world examples and best practices

To download the whitepaper, GO HERE.

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