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Music Heals Launches With Hockey Wager Between 5440 & Garth Richardson

Neil Osborne of Canadian music legends 5440 and celebrated record producer Garth Richardson (Rage Against The Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers) are putting the love of their favourite hockey teams on the line to support music therapy programs.

Passionate hockey fans Osborne and Richardson, along with the rest of 5440, are making a record together. Both are strong supporters of music therapy, so they made a friendly wager. If Richardson’s favourite hockey team, The Toronto Maple Leafs, does not make the playoffs this year, he will donate his producer fees to Music Heals Charitable Foundation. If Osborne’s favourite team does not win the 2012 playoffs, his royalties for the record will be donated to Music Heals. If both teams don’t measure up, they both donate.

Music Heals is a charitable foundation based in Vancouver, BC, created with an aim of uniting and supporting causes backing music therapy programs in Canada.

Music and sports fans are invited to join the challenge, by donating $1 in the name of either GGGarth’s or Neil’s favourite team. All proceeds raised will go to support music therapy programs chosen by Richardson and Osborne.

Visit the website to watch the video and learn how to support this cause: www.musicheals.ca.

Watch the dedicated YouTube page for more videos from 5440 and Richardson as the season progresses. www.youtube.com/user/5440vsGGGarth

For more information on 5440 visit www.5440.com and Garth Richardson at www.nimbusrecording.com.

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