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Plenty of People & New Products at InfoComm 2014

Exhibits open at InfoComm 2014

Exhibits open at InfoComm 2014

Holy smokes. Las Vegas has an infamous reputation for delivering a total sensory overload, so in that sense, what’s going inside the Las Vegas Convention Center is very much a microcosm for what’s going on in the city that hosts it.

Andrew here reporting from Day 1 of the 2014 edition. It started off with the announcement that Harman had acquired AMX and welcomed the company into its stable of brands. Overheard during the press conference: “What’s the headline? ‘Harman one step closer to taking over the world’?” Check out the full details here.

After that, I had the chance to preview the new X2 series from Electro-Voice – somewhat of a big brother to the still-fresh X1. There was also a push on the XTA series, which the company is starting to push into the integration market. The contractors walking the room alongside me seemed to agree.

Also on the books were a look at the new Beyerdynamic’s new wired teleconferencing solution, Orbis, which offers some cool features like customizable face plates, the ability to hide all of your electronics in the boardroom table for a very sleek look, and a very simple control interface with a single rotary button. The TG 1000 series, which offers the only ribbon capsule for a handheld wireless, was pretty impressive.

Peavey’s audio brands – Architectural Acoustics, Crest, and MediaMatrix – have a pretty cool “Professor Peavey” motif, bringing together MythBusters-like science experiments with audio technology.

I also found the Cambridge Sound sound masking solutions quite interesting – worth a look for contractors and eletrical engineers doing health care, corporate, financial, and government applications – particularly in Canada, where the government is rolling out its “Office 2.0” initiatives.

Still on the books are a TC Group press conference and Harman/JBL’s cocktail reception, all before the big International Reception at nearby LVH. Sounds like a lot of Canucks are coming out for this one, so it’ll be great catching up with people.

Cheers until later…

Busy halls indeed.

Busy halls indeed.


"Professor Peavey" presenting with the help of some volunteers.

“Professor Peavey” presenting with the help of some volunteers.

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