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James Thomas Engineering joins TOMCAT in Milos Group

JTEJames Thomas Engineering has joined the Milos Group of companies under the TOMCAT banner.  James Thomas Engineering has been one of the leading manufacturers of aluminum trussing, rigging and ground support to North American and international clients since 1977.  Its General Purpose, Supertruss and HD truss systems are used throughout the industry for professional outdoor concert, theatre, and corporate venue productions.

As part of the Milos Group, and falling under the TOMCAT banner, JTE will continue to manufacture the same US-made products.

Paul Young, Business Development Manager at JTE for the EMEA region, states, “Joining Milos Group is the realization of a lot of hard work and is a dream opportunity for me.  I am keen to assist with integration of James Thomas Engineering into the group and help give customers the strongest range of products available in the world today,”

Scott Johnson, President and CEO of TOMCAT, adds, “I am very happy with this purchase and look for it to only continue to move the group forward and provide our customers with the best trussing and structures in the industry.”  Johnson served 11 years at JTE USA before moving to TOMCAT.

For more information, contact the Milos Group: +420-416-837-846, info@milos.cz, www.milosgroup.com.

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