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MNA Hosting AES67 Information Track & Interoperability Demonstration at NAB

The Media Networking Alliance is hosting a presentation and product demonstration at NAB on Sunday 12 April, on the topic of “Possible Ways to Integrate AES67 into Your Products”.

The MNA session will run from 3:00pm to 4:30pm in demo room N202LMR, and is being jointly presented by MNA broadcast company members ALC NetworX, Archwave Technologies, Lawo and The Telos Alliance.

Introductions to the Media Networking Alliance and AES67 will be followed by presentations on the motivations and applications for AES67, and the technical background to the audio interoperability standard. Presentations will be given by Andreas Hildebrand, Senior Product Manager ALC NetworX, Arie van den Broek, CEO Archwave Technologies and Greg Shay, Chief Science Officer The Telos Alliance, on the possible ways of integrating AES67 into your products, and the lessons learned by other manufacturers in doing so.

The demonstration of AES67 interoperability will feature a networked setup of audio I/O devices from different manufacturers, including – among others – ALC NetworX’s COMi.MX – a highperformance self-contained RAVENNA / AES67 piggyback module for high-channel count / lowest latency applications, a range of Archwave AudioLAN uNET RAVENNA / AES67 modules, and Genelec IP-enabled monitor speakers.

About AES67

AES67 is a standard to enable high-performance audio-over-IP streaming providing interoperability between the various IP based audio networking products currently available, such as Dante, Livewire, Q-LAN and RAVENNA. It is not a new technology but a bridging compliance mode common to all IP-Networks; a mode you can put a device into, on any participating network. AES67 operates over standard layer 3 Ethernet networks and, as such, is routable and fully scalable, like any common modern IT network. As a rule of thumb, any network infrastructure capable of handling VoIP should be able to handle AES67

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