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Meyer Sound’s Bob McCarthy to Give AES59 Conference Keynote Address

Bob McCarthy

Bob McCarthy

The keynote address at the 59th AES Conference on Sound Reinforcement will be presented by Bob McCarthy, director of system optimization at Meyer Sound. McCarthy is an international authority in sound system design and optimization. His book, Sound Systems: Design and Optimization (Focal Press), is considered a definitive work in the field of sound system measurement and tuning. Bob McCarthy designed countless systems around the world of all scales and types including more than 10 Cirque du Soleil productions and seven productions of Wicked.

The 59th AES International Conference on Sound Reinforcement Engineering and Technololgy will be held at McGill University in Montreal from July 15-17, 2015. This is the first AES International Conference in over 25 years dedicated to large scale sound reinforcement, public address, and live sound.

For full event details, go to www.aes.org/conferences/59.

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