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PS 2015 Next Generation Survey Results

Professional Sound surveyed pro sound professionals across the country to get their thoughts and impressions on the younger generation working in the industry as well as the schools/programs that have trained them.  Here are the results:

Into which of the following age grouping do you fall?

0-19       2%

20-29    8%

30-39    18%

40-49   16%

50-59   29%

60 and over   27%

PS Survey 1Do you currently work on a regular basis with audio professionals under the age of 30?

Yes   59%

No    41%

PS Survey 2

How optimistic/pessimistic are you about the skills, knowledge, and ambition of newcomers (under 30) to the pro sound industry?

Very optimistic  35%

Slightly optimistic   31%

Indifferent 16%

Slightly pessimistic  16%

Very pessimistic   2%

Generally speaking, which statement best describes your opinion of the work ethic of newcomers (age 29 and under) to the pro audio industry?    

They have an extremely strong work ethic & desire to learn   8%

Their work ethic & desire to learn is generally good    29%

They’re about the same the generations before them  4%

Hard to say; it varies widely from person to person  41%

Many are a little lacking in work ethic & desire to learn  16%

Most are very lacking in work ethic & desire to learn 2%

PS Survey 3

Do you believe the industry would benefit from a stronger focus on educating and stimulating the younger generation of talent entering the pro sound industry through trade shows, publications, online resources, etc.?

Absolutely   71%

Possibly     27%

I don’t think it would make a difference  2%

Based on your own experience or through observation of the recent grads that you’ve worked with, do you feel college/university programs are doing a good job of preparing young professionals for the job?

Most schools/programs do a fine job 10%

It depends on the school/program 53%

In general, I don’t think it makes a difference 14%

Most schools/programs do a poor job   14%

I don’t know   8%

Would you ever consider enrolling an employee in a training or workshop program tailored to young professionals entering the pro sound industry?

Absolutely   47%

Possibly      43%

Probably not 6%

No  4%

Speaking Out

In your experience, what is your general impression of the newcomers (29 and younger) to the Canadian pro sound industry? Are they more qualified and/or knowledgeable than they were, say, 5-10 years ago?

“I believe they are more qualified than 5 or 10 years ago. The information is available if you want it and the ones who are interested find a way to learn and keep up to date.”

“Unfortunately many students lack education in audio basics that was standard 10-20 years ago. Through the greater focus on computerized equipment, less attention is being placed on audio basics and training.”

“Most need to be mentored heavily. Most programs are so stuffed with theory and information that most [students] don’t get a lot of practical experience.”

“It’s an individual thing. Not a generation. I know it’s easier for stats to think it’s a generation issue but that is doing a disservice to us all… If you want a solution as to why more are untrained now, simply look at the money. Training costs and workers are being paid less so they don’t have the cash to spare and learn. Mentorship is still the best way to go.”

“Yes, now they are more qualified than 5-10 years ago. For my humble opinion, people can reach the knowledge easier. Schools and internet provide this and, of course, a variety of the qualified magazines help it to be like this.”

“[They’re] less qualified in traditional technology but more qualified in contemporary media. (e.g. streaming, digital production, and social media vs. acoustics, mastering, etc.)”

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