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Sound Ideas Acquires Frank Serafine Sound Effects Collection

Frank Serafine

Frank Serafine

Sound Ideas, the Toronto-based publisher of professional sound effects, has announced the acquisition of the Frank Serafine Sound Effects Collection.

Frank Serafine is an award winning Hollywood sound designer who is credited with the development of many new digital audio techniques. His work has been heard in such Hollywood blockbusters as Star Trek, Lawnmower Man, The Hunt for Red October and Virtuosity. In addition, Frank Serafine holds a unique place in the sound effects library industry as one of the first major sound designers to lend their name to commercial SFX collections.

“If I can’t find the effect I am looking for in my own high quality collection, I go to Sound Ideas because I know they will have what I need,” says Serafine.

When asked about his purchase of the Serafine Sound Effects Collection, Brian Nimens, the owner of Sound Ideas, said: “Sound Ideas is proud to add the 12 sound effect libraries and more than 12,000 sound effects produced by Frank Serafine and his innovative team of sound designers and engineers to our official lineup.”

For more information, go to www.sound-ideas.com

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