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Roscoe Anthony Resigns as Renkus-Heinz President

Roscoe Anthony (left) & Harro Heinz

Roscoe Anthony (left) & Harro Heinz

Renkus-Heinz today announced that company president Roscoe Anthony has decided to resign from his position, effective immediately.

“Roscoe has made positive contributions during his association with Renkus-Heinz, and we all wish him well for his future endeavors.” says Harro Heinz, founder and CEO. No replacement for Mr. Anthony is currently under consideration.  Harro Heinz will return to serve as president and CEO.

“Renkus-Heinz has superior assets across many key fronts and yet the brand has not fully leveraged these strengths to its own competitive advantage,” adds Heinz.  “During the last 12 months we have identified several important product initiatives that precisely align with our business strategy and I am fully committed to accelerating the investments required in order to successfully bring them to market.”

The company’s footprint in Steerable Sound continues to produce the source of capital for these new investments, most of which are targeted at both R&D and brand development, according to the company.  The results will allow Renkus-Heinz to achieve greater business performance from entry into a broader array of product segments, says Renkus-Heinz in a statement.

For more information, contact Renkus-Heinz: 949-588-9997, FAX 949-588-9514, www.renkus-heinz.com.

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