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Sonotechnique Now Distributing Digigram Audio-Over-IP Codecs & Video-Over-IP Products

Philippe Delacroix, President and CEO at Digigram

Philippe Delacroix, President and CEO at Digigram

Digigram, developer of audio and video solutions, has¬†announced that it is reinforcing its distribution channels in the Americas to sustain increasing adoption of its sound cards, IP audio codecs, and IP video encoders across this area. Sonotechnique, recently appointed, will be responsible for distributing Digigram’s audio-over-IP codecs and video-over-IP products in Canada. Point Source Audio will continue to be the exclusive master distributor in North and South America for Digigram sound cards in any market, as well as PYKO audio codecs and AQILIM OTT video encoders in AV installations. Newly appointed ATA Audio will be responsible for distributing audio-over-IP codecs in the United States, with a focus on the broadcast market.

“Our goal in bringing on ATA Audio and Sonotechnique is to reinforce our local presence with a strong and highly trained partner in every high-potential area,” says Philippe Delacroix, president and CEO at Digigram. “Point Source Audio has been and will continue to be a valuable partner, but factors such as increasing product and solution complexity, as well as growing adoption of our products, make this a good time to focus on providing more specialized support and pre-sales services to our customers. Working with all three companies, we can empower each to be more efficient and effective in addressing the specific applications and requirements of customers throughout the Americas.”

For more information, contact Digigram: +33-4-76-52-47-47, www.digigram.com.

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