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NATEAC Announces 2016 Details

NATEACThe 2016 North American Theatre Engineering and Architecture Conference (NATEAC) is set to take place in New York City on July 17-18 at the Roosevelt Hotel. It will bring together over 300 professionals in the architectural, engineering, manufacturing, and consulting fields to discuss the issues faced in designing and building performance venues in North America in the 21st century.

NATEAC 2016, the third in a series of quadrennial events, will offer more than 60 panelists speaking at 24 sessions. This year’s keynote speaker will be author, philanthropist, and an arts management pioneer Reynold Levy, who was president of the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts from 2001 to 2014. Tyler Kicera of TAIT Towers and Raj Patel of Arup will team up to provide the plenary discussion. NATEAC session topics will include the value of flexible theatres, hoist mechanical design, changing electrical infrastructure in the transition to solid-state lighting, 3D video mapping, and more.

NATEAC is offering discounted rooms at the Roosevelt Hotel for all registered NATEAC attendees.  The rate is $219/day +tax and is available July 16, 17, and 18.

“We want to provide as carefree a stay as possible for our NATEAC guests,” comments Bill Sapsis, conference director, “and staying at the Roosevelt Hotel is a big part of that.  Not only is the conference taking place at the Roosevelt but several NATEAC networking events are within walking distance. Complimentary breakfast and lunch will be provided by the hotel to all conference attendees”.

For more information, contact NATEAC: 267-278-4561, bill@sapsis-rigging.com, www.nateac.org.

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