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Sound Advice

Flute Miking by Mark Karaman

If you want a really really good flute mic, try the LCM-70 from SD Systems, Holland. It has excellent gain before feedback, and more importantly, picks up the flute like . . . a flute! And, it mixes well.

Considering mic placement along the flute (assuming that you’re not doing a classical recording), it mounts near the head joint.

If the flutist has a breathing problem, either a loud, gasping inhale; nose noise; or an airy tone (and you don’t like it); then move the mic as far from the head joint as possible. Many recordists have gone over the flutist’s head and behind with a condenser.

Classical recording is another matter. The room rules. Distance is your friend. A flutist that moves (especially twists) can be a problem, since the flute sound field is noticeably asymmetrical.

Mark Karaman, mkaraman@adio.com

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