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Sound Advice

Live Drums by Jon Erikson

“When getting live drum sounds, I’ll use a good set of headphones (Fostex T20s) and then I’ll take the mix of the drums in the headphones and put it through the PA system, checking it against how the room sounds with a flat EQ. I’ll then take into consideration the boominess or tightness of the room, and then place the bass drum and the bass guitar according to the natural low end of the room. In a boomy room I will place the frequency of the bass guitar above a gated bass drum (the bass drum should have lots of low end). If the room has a tight bass sound I will let the bass guitar carry the weight of the low end and place the frequency of the bass drum tight and punchy. This applies to 100Hz and below.”

Jon Erikson – sound engineer (Rush), head sound technician (Audio Analysts, Kingswood), live recording engineer (Comfort Sound Mobile Studio).

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