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Making Better Demos by Stacey T. Heydon

“When a band or artist is planning to go into the studio, choose a quality product as opposed to an assortment of many songs that may not have had enough time to be completed properly. Handing an A&R person a product that is much more finished, as opposed to a very rough copy of a song, gives one an upper hand in dealing with these individuals. This applies to A&R in record labels, not publishers. Instead of recording five songs as a rush job, I suggest that you record only two songs. Give the A&R people a product which is (production-wise) as close to finished as possible.

You have a better chance of getting a release if you hand these A&R people a demo that sounds more finished, polished and more produced than one that is very rough, live off the floor sort of thing. Remember most A&R people cannot imagine what a finished product will sound like from a rough tape.

Needless to say, remember that the two songs you plan to record should be targeted to a specific market in today’s radio format.

Basically, quality not quantity is the best road to follow when recording a demo for A&R people to listen to.”

Stacey T. Heydon – producer of #1 Billboard hit (sheriff), guitarist (David Bowie).

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