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Mix it Quickly by Kevin Doyle

Mixing should not be a long and tedious job of analyzing and salvaging. I’ve heard songs that took over 100 hours to mix and I am dumbfounded as to why, because in the end they sure didn’t sound that great. Some of the best-sounding records were mixed in the ‘60s and ‘70s and took 2-3 days to completely mix an entire record.

One of my best theories about mixing, is to try and finish a mix before you start to hate the song. If tracks are recorded half decently, and everyone involved is getting along and are into it, you’re pretty well guaranteed to mix a really good record.

Kevin Doyle — head engineer at D.A.V.E. Has recently mixed projects for Marc Jordan, Harem Scarem, and is presently working on a film project for Yo-Yo-Ma.

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