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Sound Advice

Recording Drums by Noel Golden

“Whenever I record drums for a rock session I use two AKG 452s as my room mics, which act as my overheads as well. I set them up facing the front of the kit, as high as possible, and usually they’re off to the right hand side of the kit. Both mics are side by side, and I route each mic to a separate track. I don’t have true stereo separation doing it this way, but I find it works well in the situations I’ve worked under. As far as equalization on the mics, I usually add a little sizzle (which allows them to be my overheads as well as a room sound). This obviously depends on the room you’re working in and the type of session you are working on.”

Noel Golden – engineer (Triumph, Gowan, Rita Coolidge).

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