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Sacrificing Quality for Performance by Robert DiGioia

“When working with singers who are new to the studio, headphones will seem quite foreign to them. With a recent project I experimented with headphones and speakers to try and make the vocalist more comfortable. After some success with speakers, I knew we had not yet reached the full potential of the vocalist. Having done a live show with the band I knew he was capable of more. We took the speaker set-up one step further and set-up the band’s rehearsal P.A. system (two S4 cabinets). The entire mix was fed through the P.A. as it would be in rehearsal or in a club. I gave the vocalist his own hand-held microphone, so he was free to move around.

In a short afternoon we nailed down three vocals that we had spent weeks working on. By using a tight cardioid pattern microphone (such as an SM58), leakage was minimal.

You may sacrifice a bit of quality, but the performance will more than make up for it.”

Robert DiGioia – producer/engineer, Maestro Fresh-Wes, Chocolate Bunnies From Hell, The Box, Kim Mitchell.

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