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Take 5 by Danny Crain

“I was wondering how to go about making a tape …” Ever hear that one? Believe it or not, I haven’t grown tired of answering that question.

There are a lot of first-timers out there, and some of them are going to come through and become good clients and excellent word-of-mouth advertisers. Five minutes of patient conversation on their level, briefly guiding them through the steps, will score serious brownie points. Send them a polished info pack ,set up a studio tour, and you’ve probably got the job. Sure you have to know how to work those toys and keep on top of the happenin’ techniques, but a little personality never hurt any studio. It’s like the tape on any reel to reel machine: what goes around comes around. By the way, I have become tired of “Yeah, I’ve got this tape and I was wondering if you guys could take out the voices …”

Danny Crain – Engineer/Producer, Outreach Productions, Keswick Ridge, NB.

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